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Preserving Water with Phyn

Phyn Smart Water


Creating the face of a brand


Phyn was looking for support in the design of their first product. It needed to support brand coherence and awareness by being focal point and talking point all in one. We leveraged the design to reflect Phyn’s mission of “giving the world the ability to speak water”.

“Our mission is to give the world the ability to speak the language of water.”
— Phyn mission statement

“Here in the US, 10% of homes have leaks that waste over 90 gallons a day.”


Water is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Yet it is being lost and wasted at staggering rates without knowledge or control of homeowners. Catastrophic water leaks are often detected late leaving small component failures to cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

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What is Phyn?


Phyn Plus is a combination of smart meter and AI that analyzes how water is used in your house. The product is installed in the main water line of the house and continuously measures water pressure and flow. Imagine knowing when you opened the kitchen faucet, took a shower, watered the lawn and whether you have a leak. Phyn provides the information to help you save water.


How does it work?


When you flush a toilet, wash your hands, or water your lawn, the pressure in your plumbing system changes. Phyn measures these microscopic changes in water pressure—240 times a second—to fingerprint the unique pressure profile of each fixture in your home. So when you run a faucet, Phyn knows it’s a faucet. And if that faucet leaks, Phyn lets you know.


The Face


The first read of the physical product gives a face to the previously invisible: The flow of water in your house.

We created a display that covers the entire vertical height the product and - photographed with a 50mm lens - matches exactly the width of a residential water supply pipe. This gives the viewer the impression of observing the stream of water in the pipe - whether its flowing fast, slow or whether the shutoff valve has been initiated.

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What we did

Contextual Analysis

We conducted primary and secondary research to get a complete picture of the context in which the product would be used, installed, sold and manufactured. We used this analysis to identify the biggest opportunities for the design of the product to provide value and to set the goals for the development effort.


Product Architecture

We developed the product architecture with respect to making the product supremely easy to install and service. Working with pro-installers in an iterative build-to-fail process we developed to real worlds factors such as product footprint and speed of installation. We optimized to position of internal components and interface and integrated systems - such as integrated tool for manual override of the shutoff valve - to cover all primary and edge cases of use.


Industrial Design

We developed a first read that tied directly to Phyn’s mission statement of “giving the world the ability to speak the language of water”. By doing so we created an iconic language with deep ties into the very heart of the brand. A language that is not arbitrary but embodies breadth and longevity to live in different products for years to come.


Engineering Liaison

We closely collaborated with Phyn’s mechanical and electrical engineering teams along all phases of the project. In doing so we optimized the performance of all components and methods employed and preserved the intent of the design all the way to production.



We supported Phyn in their need for photo-realistic renderings of the product and the product in context.


We would like to thank the teams at Phyn and Uponor for the successful collaboration.  

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