User Experience Design


We design people’s physical and digital experiences


Digital experiences increasingly complement or replace physical products. At Ritual we understand the symbiotic relationship of digital and physical touch points. We are passionate about framing new interaction archetypes centered around people rather than technology. We help you design the digital and physical components of holistically delightful user experiences. 



Usability Audit | Shadowing | Expert Analysis | Experience Mapping | Use-Flow Analysis | User Journey Map | Prototyping/Testing | Interaction Concept Development | UX Design | UI Design | Design Language | Development Liaison | Co-Creation Sessions


…like these



Commercial Power Conservation Surge

See how the design of the product and the packaging supports efficiency, education and and error prevention across large scale deployments.


Phyn Plus

See how we created an interface to the brand.



See how a seamless user experience promotes new technology


Belkin 2011 Router Language

See how we designed the out of box experience to choreograph an error free setup experience.