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We specialize in IoT


We have been designing for IoT for almost a decade.


The team at Ritual worked with Belkin to design and develop their entire Wemo product line from concept to store. We helped to established a cohesive story and messaging strategy that was executed across the design of product, software, packaging and out of box experience.

Recently we collaborated with Phyn in order to give a face to their water sensing product.

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We create coherent experiences

A coherent user experience across hardware and software is essential for a quality product in this space.

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We envision the new

We uncover unmet needs by means of various ethnographic research methods. We then envision ways to satisfy those needs famously well.

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We touch all touch points

From product to app to out-of-box and installation, we help you to create a coherent experience that will help people understand, purchase, install, use and fall in love with your product.